Buying and Selling has never been easier with the Dominguez Team Advantage!

What is the Dominguez Team Advantage (DTA)? It is our PROMISE to provide you with excellent services, giving you maximum value and convenience when buying or selling a home.


1. Secure E-ink signature technology: Sign most of your disclosures at the comfort of your own computer. Works great for busy or out-of-area sellers and buyers.
2. Professional Photography and Touch up: We touch up photos professionally to get more buyers interested.
3. Staging Consultation: Adding furnishings to your house from a professional company will really make your house shine. We recommend staging when the house is in good condition.
4. Moving Costs: We partner with moving companies to bring down your cost to move.
5. Charity: We give back to our local community through a series of volunteer work, teaching, and donations to our local universities, such as San Jose State University and Santa Clara University
6. Re/Max Brand: Present in 89 countries, 52 million website views in total, and 89,008 agents worldwide gives you big brand advantage
7. Competitive Inspection Reports: Did you that inspections typically cost $600? After partnering with local termite companies, we are able to get this cost down almost by half. This is money saved towards your new appliances!
8. 3x Pairs of Eyes Rule: We leave no stone unturned. Our office paperwork is audited by a skilled Realtor,  the full time administrative staff we hire, and the office manager, minimizing the liability of future lawsuits
9. Frequent Updates: We make sure you hear from us at least weekly about the progress of the sale of your house. If you’re a buyer, we get daily notifications on your search area and then immediately inform you of new listings. We understand that our updates are time-sensitive and we want you to remain in the loop.
10. Timelines: We know how important it is for you to make your next move. That is why the moment we know when things are going to happen, we map everything out for you conveniently in a timeline.
11. Fully staffed office: We hired full-time administrative staff to help gather your documents and faxes as they come in. Did you catch us when we are closed? Not to worry, our blue drop box outside is ready to take your documents if you are planning a late night drop off.
12. Neighborhood Open House and Outreach: We hold your home open frequently until it is sold. We also specialize in informing your neighbors the home will be for sale, as neighbors often know buyers who will be interested.
13. Property websites and advertising: Your home is aggressively advertised on our company and broker website along with dozens of other online sites, giving you maximum exposure for your listings. Your home is also advertised in trade publications, giving lower tech buyers a chance to make their best offer.
14. We are Nearby: We often work with clients less than 2 miles away from our office, giving you the reassurance that we are very close by to help you. Don’t know how far you are from our office? Well, map it! 4056 Decoto Rd Fremont CA  94555
15. Property Notifications: Once we determine what you are looking for, in addition to visiting and handpicking your listings out of hundred of listings, we setup property notifications so that we get notified the minute a new listing comes out in the market. We make sure you have the market edge and that nobody is left behind or that no deal is left unnoticed!

Realtor® Certified Distressed Property Expert® GRI
Re/Max Active Realty
4056 Decoto Road
Fremont, CA 94555

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