Our Process

Meeting you

The best conversation we can have with you is face to face. We need to understand your needs and wants. Everyone has different preferences and it’s important that you voice them right away. You might even tell us your deadlines. For example, future rent increases, new job, retirement, or vacation are all important life moments that you should tell us about. When we have all your information, we make a plan to help you succeed and move on to qualifying you.

Qualifying you

We want to guarantee your success. That is why we give you resources to get you qualified by the right professionals. As a seller, we need to make sure you get as much as possible from the sale of your property. As a buyer, we make sure you have all the paperwork attached to your offer to place your offer in the best possible light. Once we qualify you, we get you in front of the houses you want to see and send you information.

Send notifications and follow ups

After qualifying you, we empower you with the information needed to succeed. Information is powerful and often comes via our most up to date technologies we have available. For example, for sellers we are able to compile feedback from many buyers and Realtors who saw you property, allowing you get relevant feedback that can sell your house faster and for more money. For buyers, we use timely notifications that inform you of the newest listings (often within seconds of their release) so that you never miss an opportunity. Once you get an accepted offer, we construct timelines.

Timeline and milestone generation

We make timelines so you can track the progress of your real estate transaction from start to finish. We also take the time to review all disclosures that are important for you to know and for your safety.

Closing and follow ups

Once your house is near to closing, we help you with relocation, getting keys, and activating utilities. We are also there to assist with any questions that come up after you move in, such as Home Warranty use.

Customer appreciation

When you are all moved in, we deeply appreciate your referrals from friends and family. In fact, over 50% of our business is thanks to your referrals and our business is not possible without your help. At the end of your transaction with us we ask you for a short (or it can be long!) of anyone you know who is thinking of buying or selling real estate. By handing that off to us, it is typically most substantial thing we can receive from you.

Feedback and rating

Our future clients are often excited to read your testimonials and Yelp, Zillow, and Trulia ratings of us. We ask you to write just a few sentences of your experience with us. Doing so means the world to us.

Stay in touch

We think about you often and you may find our heartfelt card during holidays or other special events. We also hold customer appreciation events just for you where we can eat and drink and have a chance to catch up with you.